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The adult comprehensive eye exam is what most people would consider their routine or annual eye exam. As your optometrist (a.k.a. eye doctor), we give you extra time to understand you and what you need. We do this because the testing is only half of your story. To make sense of the test results, we want to know your experiences, your pain points, and what you're hoping to gain by trusting us for your eye care.

Adult Eye Exam Saskatoon
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One of our mentors always said, "it doesn't matter how uncommon something is if you end up being the one in a million people that have it." As eye doctors, we easily handle everyday things such as glasses prescriptions and contact lens fitting. We also have advanced training to be on the watch for uncommon and rare eye conditions.


Those rare or uncommon conditions could be something that causes loss of eyesight that we can't help with glasses. Sometimes the things we find in a person's eye can indicate a general medical condition that is undiagnosed or uncontrolled (e.g., diabetes).


A comprehensive eye exam includes dilated retinal exam, digital retinal photography, and optical coherence tomography imaging.


The dilated retinal exam is when we use eye drops to make your pupils bigger. The drops make it easier for us and our instruments to see into the back of your eye. Detailed looks of the back of your eye give us the best ability to detect eye conditions, sometimes even before they affect your eyesight. We have many stories of routine dilated retinal exams that helped us detect something serious when the person had no idea. At The Eye Studio YXE, digital imaging and pupil dilation are included in the comprehensive eye exam cost when you come to have your eyes checked.

Adult Eye Exam Saskatoon
Eye Exams Saskatoon

At The Eye Studio YXE, we have multiple types of digital imaging: traditional retinal photos, Clarus wide-field images, and optical coherence tomography. This technology is a powerful tool we use to check the medical health of your eyes. This testing is included in the cost of your comprehensive eye exam. If a government program covers your exam, the cost of digital retinal images might not be covered but is available to you for a small additional fee.

The Eye Studio YXE is here to help you navigate your comprehensive eye exam.

The exam is more than just an eye test to get your new glasses prescription. As your eye doctors, we have the advanced training and tools we need to care for your eyes' medical health too!

Usually, we recommend adults have a comprehensive eye exam at least every two years. Although, there are going to be times when you should get an eye exam more often. People older than 65, people who wear contacts, have eye conditions, or specific general medical conditions should have their eyes checked at least every year.


The Eye Studio YXE is set up for direct billing to most of the major insurance companies.


Every insurance plan is different, so how much coverage you have and how often you can use your coverage depends on your specific plan's rules. Direct billing rules say that we cannot check your coverage for you. But we can submit your claim, and if your insurance plan allows direct billing, they pay some or all of the cost of your appointment directly to us.

As a rule (in Saskatchewan), the cost of an adult comprehensive exam is not covered by our provincial health care. There are some exceptions where your health card or government program will cover your eye exam cost. When you book your appointment, we will help you determine any coverage available to you.

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